Bad Headshot Contest

Win A Fantabulous Prize For Having A Bad Headshot Or Two or Three….

In the interactive spirit of the show, we will be holding The Official “small PARTS” BAD HEADSHOT Contest after each show. Just bring the evidence with you that night, and watch the hilarity ensue

Come and wallow in the particular brand of self-pity that can only come from spending your hard-earned dough on a picture that makes you look like a serial killer with a lazy eye!  Bad passport/drivers license/gym membership photos will also be considered (as long as they are enlarged so that the audience can see & vote on them)!

Hey, it’s not for nothing that our production company’s called, “Misery Loves Co.”

The winners will receive an assortment of AWESOME prizes (i.e. leftover stuff from Richard’s garage sales) PLUS  the chance to display your mug on the show’s soon-to-be-internationally-circulated-Bad Headshot Gallery on our website for the whole world to see.  (Unless, of course, you’d rather we didn’t.)

So don’t let those bad headshots go to waste any longer.  They ARE good for something; namely, a good laugh.  (And did we mention PRIZES??)

Enter soon!  Enter often!

Thanks for playing!