Does Richard Have A Legitimate Reason For Creating A One-Man Show?


Maybe, maybe not…

The only way to find out is to compare his legitimacy with other things that may or may not be legitimate.

You be the judge…

Seems legit to me

small parts the show legit picture

….must bring your own stirrups


This one seems fine too…

small parts the show legit picture

Also available….autographed Torahs and Qurans


Why would one even question this one?

Or…one bridge down….”Free tea-bagging”…those silly English people!


Obviously perfectly legitimate

small parts the show funny pix legit

Children don’t need windows…or air. These things would just distract from their video-game playing.


The verdict is in:

Based on our stringent comparisons, and rigorous grading scale…we have found that Richard’s legitimacy is……well….still questionable at best.  But no worries….you can always bring something to throw at him during the performance.