Fabulous, astounding, legendary, marvelous, outrageous, glorious, spectacular….
Roget’s Thesaurus


Who the Hell is Richard Tanner?
Richard’s Agent


Richard Tanner is a wonderful young man, and Small Parts is the most brilliant one-man show I’ve ever seen.
Rose Tanner


Richard is a comedic genius, the likes of which I….wait wait I’m thinking of someone else.  I’m thinking of the guy in the sweatpants commercial.  God, he was funny.  And when he says “I don’t have exact change!” I nearly wet my pants laughing.  Did I see Richard in anything like that?
Joe Biden


Small Parts is truly sensational.   It is clever and fun, and not to be missed .  Richard is a true artist’s artist!
Something someone might say if they saw the show or were just being nice


Did I mention that Richard is a fabulous chef and dominoes player.  He used to do little dance performances in the living room, back when he had time to spend with his lonely mother.  I told him back then “You are one of my favorite ballerinas of all time.”   He would be one of my favorite sons too if he would remember to pick up the phone and call once in a while. Do you remember me?…you’re poor Mother.  Call me…fax me…page me…what about carrier pigeon, pony express, two cans and a string?…anything!
Rose Tanner


God I hope I get it.  I hope I get it.  I really need this job….
The cast of A Chorus Line.  (a high school production not the original)


I guess a mother must focus on the good times…and faint distant memories of her son.  I remember a time when Richard used to paint my toenails for me.  The time he used to spend on the topcoat….well….I thought it was a little queer, but watching him squeal with delight at the pretty colors made it all worth it.  Today, I didn’t eat or drink all day .  I just waited.  I mean….I wouldn’t want my mouth to be full if he called.  It’s just me…your lonely Ma who only eats and sleeps because she dreams one day her son will call.  You’re too busy to call your Mother?  Was I too busy to nurture you in my womb for nine months?  Don’t worry about me.  Did I tell you the doctor said I have heart pulsifications and I’m developing a club foot?
 Rose Tanner

Small parts is fun and truly engaging.  Richard is a brilliant story teller.  I thought the whole show was just a hoot.
Another example of what someone would most likely say after seeing the show….we’re pretty sure


Richard is probably an OK actor, or whatever it is that he says he does.  “You should have gone to medical school” I tell him.  But does he listen?   I wake up in the middle of the night worrying and worrying and worrying.  Are you eating enough.?  You were too thin the last time I saw you….not that I remember because it was so long ago.  Did I tell you the doctor said I have a nervous disposition? 
Rose Tanner


Small Parts is one of the best one-man shows I’ve ever seen, and Richard Tanner is one of those rare comedic diamonds in the rough that you have to see live to appreciate.  Easily one of the best performers of our generation.
This is what a very smart person would say after seeing the show…probably


Richard was a good boy…especially when he remembered to write the person who gave him life.  “I’ll send you a postage stamp” I used to tell him.  Maybe I love him too much.  You don’t call…you don’t write.  You’re going to give me The Cancer…..not that I even cross your mind…..
Rose Tanner