Be Rewarded For Having The Worst Audition Of Your Life

In the interactive spirit of the show, welcome to The Official “small PARTS” WORST AUDITION Contest!

Do you have an audition tale that is so horrible even Donald Trump would feel some pity for you?  Or maybe you’re not an actor, but you have some deliciously embarrassing, cringe-inducing job interview you can tell us about.

Remember: tragedy + time = comedy!!

Each week, we will be awarding a pair of FREE TICKETS to the BEST “Worst Audition/job interview story.”   That’s right; you and someone you love (or even just someone off the street) will experience the night of your lives as you watch the infinite hilarity provided by Richard Tanner’s shocking-but-true tales of the Business we call Show.

It’s not for nothing that Richard’s production company is called “Misery Loves Co.”

To enter the contest, just send a brief description of your best “worst audition” experience(s) to the email listed below.

By sending in your story you agree that we have full rights to use it on our website or any of our other sites.

Unless you don’t want us to.  (But just remember…even bad publicity is good publicity.)

Enter soon!  Enter often!

And THANKS for playing!